Sheep – Worm Egg Counts and Advice


Every time we use a wormer we increase the number of resistant worms in the population. We are finding more farms every year with resistance to white drenches and resistance to other products is on the increase. By using wormers when you don’t need to you create two problems: you waste your time effort and money and you reduce the effectiveness of the products by a little bit.

The solution is simple – we need to use wormers only when they are vital for the health of our flocks. This has to be based on evidence and that evidence comes from faecal egg counts. We can run them same day at the practice and get you a result fast. By not using wormers when we don’t have to we preserve the cheaper wormers for when we need them.

The best way of getting resistant worms into your flock is not actually to breed them yourself by over-worming; it’s to buy them in. ALL SHEEP BROUGHT ONTO THE FARM REQUIRE A QUARANTINE DRENCH INCLUDING YOUR OWN SHEEP IF THEY HAVE BEEN OVERWINTERED ELSEWHERE. This is one simple thing you can really do to help yourself.

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