Sheep – Flock Health Planning


Our rather ambitious goal is to have some kind of flock health plan in place on every single one of our farms. We can go into as much or as little detail as you want, but a basic document and discussion can save you a lot of money. The sheep industry has an enormous amount of waste that can be reduced. Lame sheep, mineral deficiencies, lamb mortality, abortion and infertility are the areas costing you. Many people use the wrong vaccines or vaccines at incorrect times. People waste a lot of time worming sheep that don’t need it (see section below!). Have a chat to us and we can sort something out.

We have a legal obligation that animals we prescribe drugs for are ‘under our care’. This means that it is no longer acceptable to just turn up at lambing time for some drugs when we haven’t seen a sheep of yours for a long time. We are looking at getting on to a lot of these farms in advance of lambing time for a visit and an introduction to health planning at a very competitive cost. You will receive information through the post and it will be followed up by a phone call.

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