Sheep – Breeding Services


We have the facilities to fertility test tups before the breeding season begins at the surgery in Bainbridge. Recently we have increased the examination to include a full physical examination, electroejaculation and semen staining. We can provide a certificate of results if required.

We have recently purchased an artificial vagina for tup use – this allows us to collect natural semen samples from a tup, but does require a ewe in heat at the time. The sample may be more representative and is required if you were wanting to freeze semen.

There are a number of interventions that you can do to shorten the breeding period and tighten up the lambing period. We have good experience of using vasectomised sheep as teasers – this can be very effective. The other main possibility is using progesterone sponges to synchronise sheep (Chronogest CR). We can insert them at the surgery, at your farm or you can do it yourself. You need a plan drawing up with one of the vets to make sure you are using the correct product, at the correct dose at the correct time.

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