Pets – Surgery


We have facilities for all common, and some advanced surgical procedures that your pet is likely to need. We use modern, human standard anaesthetics and animals recover after surgery faster than they ever have. Routine neutering can be carried out at a mutually convenient day by appointment. The facilities are always available for emergencies: soft tissue, orthopaedic or reproductive. Some more complex operations (particularly complex orthopaedic injuries) may be referred to a specialist.

We know that your pet having a general anaesthetic can be a worrying time. All anaesthetics and surgical procedures do have an inherent degree of risk but we do all we can to minimise that. We have full anaesthetic monitoring (to a human standard) including ECG monitoring heart rate, pulse oximeter monitoring blood oxygen saturation, capnograph measuring the efficiency of breathing and blood pressure measurement.

General advice if your pet is coming in for a pre-planned operation:

  1. They can have their tea the night before, but nothing to eat after 8pm
  2. They can have access to water overnight, but take it away from your pet first thing in the morning
  3. Please take your pet for a walk to empty it’s bladder and bowels
  4. Be at the surgery for 9am prompt.
  5. Keep cats in overnight

Note rabbits and small animals do not require starvation and should have access to water and food at all times.

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