Pets – New Clients


We welcome new clients to the practice, whether new to the area or new to pet ownership. If you have any questions about joining us then please call, visit or email. We aim to work alongside our veterinary colleagues and ask that ideally you register your pet in advance of it being seen so that we can contact your previous vets for a complete clinical history. It is in the best interests of your pet, since some medications are incompatible and we could easily waste your money repeating a test already done.

If you are on holiday and require emergency treatment contact us at the surgery. If the pet is on, on-going medication it is better if we can get some history on the pet from your usual vet, or we can even speak to them on the phone. We must be especially careful with animals belonging to people who have a second home and may be under the care of different vets at the same time. If your pet is on medication please bring it with you to the surgery.

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