Pets – Microchipping


Microchipping is a safe and effective way of permanently identifying your pet. The pet is protected and identifiable for life – vets, the police, RSPCA and local authority dog wardens all carry microchip scanners. It’s an excellent way of proving ownership of the animal and getting your pet reunited if it gets lost. It is also a legal requirement in certain circumstances (Pet Passports and for working dogs legally docked).

Please note: the Government is bringing in compulsory microchipping for all dogs from 6 April 2016. Beat the rush and make sure your pet is protected now!

We only use iDENTICHIP brand microchips from Animalcare – they may be slightly more expensive than some of the cheap and cheerful variants, but we have full confidence in them. They don’t move or fail and there is a robust database behind them to reunite you with your pet if it becomes lost (not always the case with cheap chips).

A microchip can be implanted at any age, but with puppies and kittens we recommend doing it at the time of the second vaccination. Please remember to keep your details up to date with the database if you move house or change your mobile phone number.

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