Pets – Insurance


Veterinary medicine has moved on a long way in recent times in terms of treatments and drugs available. The problem is that these interventions can get very expensive; it is always such a shame to have to put an animal to sleep that could have been mended, but the owner cannot afford treatment. For that reason we recommend that all pets are insured.

We are not allowed to give advice on specific policies, but we can give some general guidance.

  1. You NEED a decent claim limit (minimum £5000)
  2. You NEED to know if you have a fixed limit per year or if the limit is per condition per year
  3. You NEED a ‘for life’ policy (one that goes on paying after a year)
  4. You NEED to read the exclusions and small print

Beware cheap policies; they are often not worth the premium. Find a reputable company and get your pet insured when it is young, and keep the policy going. If you change companies any pre-existing conditions will be excluded.

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