Pets – Facilities


Since taking over Bainbridge Vets Ltd has had a major upgrade in diagnostic radiography (x-ray) facilities. We have a powerful machine that allows comprehensive imaging studies of all sized animals. We have recently invested in a second anaesthetic machine with monitoring dedicated to the x-ray facilities.

We have just purchased a dedicated small animal ultrasound machine – this will allow further diagnostics to be carried out in the surgery and expand our offering from simple preganancy diagnosis using the large animal machine. Full abdominal ultrasonography will very shortly be available. We have purchased a 12 lead ECG machine that will allow detailed investigation of the electrical activity of the heart at the surgery.

We have had a major upgrade in all soft tissue surgery kits and purchased an extensive range of orthopaedic equipment – we can now plate some bone fractures and carry out more major orthopaedic operations. A specialist ophthalmic kit has been purchased for delicate eye procedures. We have invested in ultrasonic instrument disinfection and a human quality vacuum autoclave.

In addition to the new ultrasonic dental scaler and hand instruments we have purchased an air driven dental unit. This allows us to do most things that you are used to experiencing at a dentist, including sectioning teeth and a comprehensive scale and polish. It also allows us to trim rabbits teeth without trauma. We now have full surgical kit available to allow surgical extractions.


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