To access the 24 hour emergency service call the usual number – 01969 650263.

The surgery operates its own 24 hour emergency service for genuine emergencies . We seek to provide a comprehensive out of hours emergency service and some travelling may be required. We aim to respond to all calls promptly, but if the vet is busy with another patient at times you may have to wait. Where possible we will always prioritise the animal needing our care the most. If the vet is busy you may have to leave a message with our answering service and we will call you back – we endeavour to have a human being at the end of the phone!

Small animal visits (out of hours)

It is usually best that if your animal is ill that it is seen at the surgery. That way the vet dealing with the case has all the drugs and supportive equipment needed to give the best care possible to your pet. If there are particular extraneous reasons you cannot move the pet then call and speak to the duty vet, we can visit if necessary. We do not have the facilities to transport animals back to the surgery for further treatment and that remains the legal responsibility of the owner.

What constitutes an emergency?

A simple definition is an animal that is in moderate to severe pain or is suffering from a condition that would get worse if treatment was delayed until normal opening hours. This would include (but is not limited to):

  • Bleeding that has not stopped with a light bandage or mild pressure (especially if blood ‘spurts’)
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Epileptic fits (but note, many dogs will recover quickly – if a fit goes on for more than 10 minutes ring and speak to the duty vet. Note the time as they can seem longer than they really are)
  • Obstetrical problems (problems associated with birth)
  • Broken bones
  • Poisoning (chocolate, rat poison, human medicines, antifreeze, etc)
  • Collapse
  • Any condition rapidly progressing where the pet is becoming progressively less responsive (especially young animals)

If you are worried about your pet when the surgery is closed and believe it may require seeing before we are open, but isn’t a dire emergency, then please try to call between the hours 9am-9pm (where possible) for advice.

Please note that as we deal with all animal species the vet may be out on a call when you ring. We do not live at the surgeries. ALWAYS TELEPHONE FIRST before bringing an emergency to the surgery (even if during office hours). That way even if there is no vet present, one can be making their way back. Arriving at the surgery and then calling can lead to extra delay in your pet receiving treatment.

To access the 24 hour emergency service call the usual number – 01969 650263.

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