Cattle – Mastitis


Is a disease that the more information we have, the better position we are in to control things. We would encourage all our clients to undertake milk recording and give as much other information as possible to the milk recorder. Having a cell count history lets us deal with issues before they become a problem. Most cows that end up at the top of the list (in the millions) started creeping up with a cell count 3-500,000 cells/ml. Early treatment can often cure these animals. Having the information on who your chronic cows are let you pay particular attention  to the cluster after milking – helping you to protect the next cow.

We have experience of parlour visits and coming out to see you at milking time can give a lot of useful information as to what is going wrong (in addition to cells counts and samples to find out what the cause of the problem was). A recent example on a farm where his average cell count was over 400,000 cells/ml. He took some individual cell counts and we did some bacteriology and the results didn’t show many nasty contagious bacteria. A parlour visit identified a number of faults that were put right. Having done so (and improved milking routine) we have got the cell count back down into the premium band.

Michael is a trained deliverer of the DairyCo Mastitis Control Plan. This is a structured questionnaire and farm visit to establish the masitis risks on the farm and to apply control measure where they will give the best returns. This service is available to clients and non clients.


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