Cattle – Lameness and Lameness Scoring


The third of three big costs in dairy farming and a huge source of increased culling. This is an area that can take some time to get under control. A lot of the improvements in lameness can be expensive (improved facilities, cow tracks, foot baths etc) and discussion with ourselves will let us come up with a joint plan that should be good value for money. It would be a waste of money putting in a fancy new foot bath if your problem was solar ulcers.

In conjunction with Dale and Vale Vets we offer regular, practical foot trimming courses. Please contact the office to reserve your place. Once we have enough people interested we will run the course.

We still have some very good quality booklets left over from some previous lameness courses (the publisher doubled the quantities!). If you want a FREE copy just let us know.

Michael has just completed his training and is now an accredited ‘mobility mentor‘. It means that we can now sign clients up to the Healthy Feet project and reduce the cases of lameness on your farm using a simple but effective framework.

It costs nothing to join the project, and you receive your ‘tool-kit’ (an actual tool box) full of useful information. Then by working with us we can create a plan tailored specifically to your farm. We can work it either on a monthly fixed cost or pay for time as you use us.

Speak to Michael for further information.

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