Cattle – Export Services


All our vets are qualified OVs (Official Veterinarians) on the appropriate panels to export the following:

  • Export of farm animals
  • Export of animal products (e.g. hides, and skins) and materials (e.g. straw)
  • Export of semen and embryos
  • Export of cattle, sheep and pigs destined for fattening, production or slaughter to other EU member states.
  • Export of small animals

At the moment the system is you apply to AHVLA Carlisle (below) and they will send us the paperwork. There is discussion going on whereby letting us have the forms directly.

International Trade Centre for Exports
Hadrian House
Wavell Drive
Rosehill Ind Estate

Tel: 01228 403600
Fax: 01228 591900

Email: (Exports of Cattle, Sheep, Pigs, Goats)

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