Aug 262014

You may have read the recent article in British Dairying about a keyhole (laparoscopic) surgery technique for the correction of left displaced abomasums (twisted stomachs).

This is a procedure that we offer here at Bainbridge Vets Ltd, Michael was one of the first vets in the country to gain experience in the technique back in 2010 and has completed many dozens of successful procedures.

The advantages are:

  • Lower cost than conventional surgery
  • Less stress on the cow and no need to roll the cow onto its back with associated risks
  • Single assistant needed – just to hold and pass
  • Faster recovery
  • Ability to visualise many abdominal organs and allows other problems to be identified (eg infection like peritonitis or abomasal ulcers)

DSC00143A small camera is placed on the left hand side behind the last rib. A second instrument port is created between the last two ribs

DSC00148A toggle with a double length of nylon line is placed into the abomasum and the abomasum deflated.

DSC00154A special needle inside a guide tube is used to safely take the needle into the cows abdomen. The position of the tube can be felt through the abdominal wall – to ensure the needle comes through at the correct location.

DSC00157The guided needle is passed from the abdomen to the outside, and the two strings are tied around a bandage – holding the abomasum in the correct location.

DSC00158The two small skin incisions are sutured closed.

DSC00161 The cow after surgery with local application of wound spray.

The surgery takes around 20 minutes in a co-operative cow and usually doesn’t require any sedation or antibiotics. The local anaesthetic has no milk or meat withhold and so you can continue selling milk from the cow.

If you have any questions, speak to Michael about the procedure.

Oct 102013


We are really pleased to announce that the Bainbridge Vets Ltd team is growing—we are taking on an additional veterinary surgeon.


Her name is Amy Swales. Amy is a true Yorkshire lass—coming from Sheffield. She  graduated from the Royal Veterinary College, London a couple of years ago and has been working at Swale vets in Richmond gaining valuable mixed practice experience.


Amy enjoys all aspects of veterinary medicine, but has always had an enthusiasm for farm work.


In her spare time, Amy enjoys playing the piano, walking up big hills, and she is an active member of Richmond Operatic Society.


You may have seen her on the Dales program with Adrian Edmondson fairly recently.   After our appearance on Countryfile we needed another vet with TV experience………..


Initially she will be working three days a week, but that may well change. She starts work in November and will be on the on call rota from December. Please be a little patient with her as she may well need directions to your farm, and at times the phones may be through to our answering service.


The main benefits to you guys will be that out of hours you have greater chance of a Bainbridge Vet being on duty (especially during lambing time). We will have more flexibility in the daytime with greater manpower. It should allow the practice to keep moving forwards and give us more time to give you guys the service you deserve

May 112013

Bainbridge Vets Ltd are pleased to announce an upgrade of our small animal diagnostic equipment. In the last few months we have acquired a dedicated small animal ultrasound scanner, an ECG machine and a blood pressure monitor.

The dedicated small animal ultrasound scanner will allow more comprehensive evaluation of all abdominal structures. Until now we have compromised using scanners designed for use in farm animals, and they are really only suitable for limited pregnancy diagnosis. We will now be able to visualise structures such as the liver, kidneys, gut and bladder. We will get an easier look at the uterus for pregnancy diagnosis. This furthers our in house diagnostic ability. The equipment may have application in farm animal species, especially sheep.

The ECG machine allows us to look with much more detail at the hearts electrical rhythm. Until now we have only had a 3 lead ECG that gave us limited information in this area. This will further our diagnostic capability looking at small animal heart problems, but the equipment could be used in horses or farm animals.

Blood pressure measurement is becoming especially important in cats. High blood pressure is associated with a number of disease conditions, especially kidney problems. We will be offering routine blood pressure measurement to older (well behaved) cats as a routine procedure. Early identification and treatment may increase both quality of life and life expectancy. It will also add vital information to the monitoring of animals under general anaesthetic.

Nov 012012

Michael has just completed his training and is now an accredited ‘mobility mentor‘. It means that we can now sign clients up to the Healthy Feet project and reduce the cases of lameness on your farm using a simple but effective framework.

It costs nothing to join the project, and you receive your ‘tool-kit’ (an actual tool box) full of useful information. Then by working with us we can create a plan tailored specifically to your farm. We can work it either on a monthly fixed cost or pay for time as you use us.

There is some more info in the following video:

In conjunction to offering the programme we are planning on running some short daytime courses on lameness scoring. This will be for people interested in the programme, but we are looking at having a few trained lameness scorers in the practice who may like a little occasional casual work. Please speak to the practice if you are interested (suitable for anyone!)

For any further information contact the surgery and ask for Michael.

Tupping time

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Sep 272012

We hope none of you were too badly washed out with the exciting weather on Tuesday.

Remember that if you have doubts about any of your tups we can test them at the surgery – we have just invested in a nice new gadget for doing so. We can also collect samples using a ewe in  heat if you want to avoid the electronic probe.

 Give us a shout if you have any questions or want to book a tup in for testing.

Jun 152012
Bainbridge Vets Ltd are really pleased to be able to offer our clients health plans for their pets.These plans let you cover the costs of vaccination, routine worm and flea treatment and gives many other discounts. You save and they allow you to pay a small, manageable amount every month by Direct Debit to save larger one-off bills when the pets’ vaccines become due.If you want any further information have a look on the website, give us a call or pop in to one of the open surgeries.

We are also participating in Dental Care Month so you can bring your dog or cat along for a FREE dental check and for dogs a FREE sample of Pedigree Dentistix (while stocks last).





Easter Opening Times

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Apr 012012

Easter Opening

Because many of our clients are lambing we will do any work, visits or dispensing at normal rates if you call between 9.00am-12.00 (midday!).

There will not be an open surgery but if you have a sick pet and call during these hours you will be given an appointment at normal daytime rates.

The Saturday morning (7th) will be business as normal, including an open surgery.

Normal service will resume 8.30am Tuesday 10th!

Happy Easter!

Mar 162012

Cow Signals is a concept brought over from the Netherlands and is really quite fascinating. It’s all about the observation of your cows behaviour and finding out what they are telling you about their environment. I personally went to a meeting on this a few years ago and it just concentrates the mind and helps you notice things you maybe hadn’t before.

We have an external speaker and lunch is provided. We will endeavour to keep you warmer than at the last meeting!

Please see the flyer in ‘Farmer Training‘ for more information.

Spring has sprung

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Mar 132012

Lambing time is getting going in earnest. Lots of ring wombs etc. Makes it all worthwhile when you get live lambs out though!

Now’s a good time to talk to us about post lambing worming regimes. We will be keeping a good stock of wormers in at competitive prices so come and ask!

Don’t forget we can also run faecal worm egg counts at the practice at get you a same day answer.

Jan 242012

We are hosting a meeting Thursday 9th of February on parlour and milking routines in conjunction with DairyCo. It is being held courtesy of Alan Pratt, Studdah Farm, Bellerby and we would appreciate as much support as we can get!

The meeting will run from 11.00am – 2.00pm and lunch will be provided.

Further information can be found in the ‘Farmer Training‘ section of the website.

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