May 112013

Bainbridge Vets Ltd are pleased to announce an upgrade of our small animal diagnostic equipment. In the last few months we have acquired a dedicated small animal ultrasound scanner, an ECG machine and a blood pressure monitor.

The dedicated small animal ultrasound scanner will allow more comprehensive evaluation of all abdominal structures. Until now we have compromised using scanners designed for use in farm animals, and they are really only suitable for limited pregnancy diagnosis. We will now be able to visualise structures such as the liver, kidneys, gut and bladder. We will get an easier look at the uterus for pregnancy diagnosis. This furthers our in house diagnostic ability. The equipment may have application in farm animal species, especially sheep.

The ECG machine allows us to look with much more detail at the hearts electrical rhythm. Until now we have only had a 3 lead ECG that gave us limited information in this area. This will further our diagnostic capability looking at small animal heart problems, but the equipment could be used in horses or farm animals.

Blood pressure measurement is becoming especially important in cats. High blood pressure is associated with a number of disease conditions, especially kidney problems. We will be offering routine blood pressure measurement to older (well behaved) cats as a routine procedure. Early identification and treatment may increase both quality of life and life expectancy. It will also add vital information to the monitoring of animals under general anaesthetic.

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