Nov 012012

Michael has just completed his training and is now an accredited ‘mobility mentor‘. It means that we can now sign clients up to the Healthy Feet project and reduce the cases of lameness on your farm using a simple but effective framework.

It costs nothing to join the project, and you receive your ‘tool-kit’ (an actual tool box) full of useful information. Then by working with us we can create a plan tailored specifically to your farm. We can work it either on a monthly fixed cost or pay for time as you use us.

There is some more info in the following video:

In conjunction to offering the programme we are planning on running some short daytime courses on lameness scoring. This will be for people interested in the programme, but we are looking at having a few trained lameness scorers in the practice who may like a little occasional casual work. Please speak to the practice if you are interested (suitable for anyone!)

For any further information contact the surgery and ask for Michael.

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